Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1112.5998 (A. D. Fefferman et al.)

$^4$He Crystal Quality and Rotational Response in a Transparent
Torsional Oscillator

A. D. Fefferman, X. Rojas, A. Haziot, S. Balibar, J. T. West, M. H. W. Chan

1201.4784 (Sebastiano Saccani et al.)

Excitation spectrum of a supersolid    [PDF]

Sebastiano Saccani, Saverio Moroni, Massimo Boninsegni

1201.5620 (Shaon Sahoo)

On Measure of Entanglement Between Two Distant Parts of a Many-body
System in Pure State

Shaon Sahoo

1201.5970 (Md. Shamim et al.)

Accurate exchange energy and total energy for excited states: Inclusion
of gradient correction

Md. Shamim, Manoj K. Harbola

1201.6123 (XueJiao Huang et al.)

Band modification in (Ga, Mn)As evidenced by new measurement scheme ---
magnetic photoresistance circular dichroism

XueJiao Huang, HouZhi Zheng, LiGuo Wang, Lin Chen, JianHua Zhao

1201.6214 (R. Gaudoin et al.)

Momentum-space finite-size corrections for Quantum-Monte-Carlo

R. Gaudoin, I. G. Gurtubay, J. M. Pitarke