Monday, January 30, 2012

1104.4373 (Yeong-Chuan Kao et al.)

Another look at charge fractionalization at finite temperature    [PDF]

Yeong-Chuan Kao, Ming-Chiun Wu

1108.5901 (H. Flayac et al.)

Electric generation of vortices in an exciton-polariton superfluid    [PDF]

H. Flayac, G. Pavlovic, M. A. Kaliteevski, I. A. Shelykh

1110.2138 (Kesong Yang et al.)

First-principles characterization of ferromagnetism in N-doped SrTiO3
and BaTiO3

Kesong Yang, Ying Dai, Baibiao Huang

1201.0596 (Andrzej Janutka)

Domain-wall complexes in 1D ferromagnets and critical media    [PDF]

Andrzej Janutka

1201.5259 (H. Takeuchi et al.)

Knudsen-Hydrodynamic Crossover in Liquid 3He in High Porosity Aerogel    [PDF]

H. Takeuchi, S. Higashitani, K. Nagai, H. C. Choi, B. H. Moon, N. Masuhara, M. W. Meisel, Y. Lee, N. Mulders

1201.5297 (Ioan Baldea)

Ambipolar transition voltage spectroscopy: analytical results and
experimental agreement

Ioan Baldea

1201.5609 (P. Di Pietro et al.)

Optical conductivity of Bismuth-based topological insulator    [PDF]

P. Di Pietro, F. M. Vitucci, D. Nicoletti, L. Baldassarre, P. Calvani, R. Cava, Y. S. Hor, U. Schade, S. Lupi

1201.5673 (Alejandro Manjavacas et al.)

Radiative Heat Transfer between Neighboring Particles    [PDF]

Alejandro Manjavacas, F. Javier Garcia de Abajo

1201.5791 (Y. W. Windsor et al.)

Dynamics of Successive Minor Hysteresis Loops    [PDF]

Y. W. Windsor, A. Gerber, M. Karpovski