Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1112.3266 (Marco Bernardi et al.)

Solar Energy Generation in Three Dimensions    [PDF]

Marco Bernardi, Nicola Ferralis, Jin H. Wan, Rachelle Villalon, Jeffrey C. Grossman

1203.2235 (A. O. Sorokin et al.)

Chiral Spin Liquid in two-dimensional XY Helimagnets    [PDF]

A. O. Sorokin, A. V. Syromyatnikov

1203.2333 (V. A. Shulgin)

Ultrasound and Temperature Study of Non-Equilibrium Phase Transitions in
Surface-Bound Liquid Layers

V. A. Shulgin

1203.2500 (Liang Chen et al.)

Surface Spectral Function of Momentum-dependent Pairing Potentials in a
Topological Insulator: Application to Cu$_x$Bi$_2$Se$_3$

Liang Chen, Shaolong Wan

1203.2515 (K. Tsukiyama et al.)

In-Medium Similarity Renormalization Group for Open-Shell Nuclei    [PDF]

K. Tsukiyama, S. K. Bogner, A. Schwenk

1203.2580 (M. Topsakal et al.)

Graphene coatings: An efficient protection from oxidation    [PDF]

M. Topsakal, H. ┼×ahin, S. Ciraci