Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1207.6643 (Alexander F. Goncharov et al.)

To the Editor: comment on Eremets and Troyan, Nature Mater. 10, 927-931

Alexander F. Goncharov, Viktor V. Struzhkin

1207.6647 (Felix A. Buot)

Nonequilibrium Multi-Band Spin Quantum Transport Equations: Spin,
Pseudo-Spin, and Total Charge Coupling

Felix A. Buot

1207.6913 (J. E. Hamann-Borrero et al.)

Magnetic frustration, phase competition and the magneto-electric effect
in NdFe3(BO3)4

J. E. Hamann-Borrero, S. Partzsch, S. Valencia, C. Mazzoli, J. Herrero-Martin, R. Feyerherm, E. Dudzik, C. Hess, A. Vasiliev, L. Bezmaternykh, B. Buechner, J. Geck

1207.6958 (Muneto Nitta)

Josephson vortices and the Atiyah-Manton construction    [PDF]

Muneto Nitta

1207.7022 (Almut Beige et al.)

Environment-induced heating in sonoluminescence experiments    [PDF]

Almut Beige, Antonio Capolupo, Andreas Kurcz

1207.7050 (Duk Y. Kim et al.)

Absence of supersolidity in solid helium in porous Vycor glass    [PDF]

Duk Y. Kim, Moses H. W. Chan

Friday, July 27, 2012

1012.1468 (Simon Wall et al.)

Ultrafast changes in lattice symmetry probed by coherent phonons    [PDF]

Simon Wall, Daniel Wegkamp, Laura Foglia, Joyeeta Nag, Richard F. Haglund Jr., Julia Staehler, Martin Wolf

1105.2418 (Christoph Heil et al.)

Strong coupling expansion for the Bose-Hubbard and the Jaynes-Cummings
lattice model

Christoph Heil, Wolfgang von der Linden

1112.4224 (Chang-Jong Kang et al.)

Effects of the Spin-Orbit Coupling and the Superconductivity in
simple-cubic alpha-Polonium

Chang-Jong Kang, Kyoo Kim, B. I. Min

1207.6131 (John Preskill)

Sufficient condition on noise correlations for scalable quantum

John Preskill

1207.6139 (M. Azeem et al.)

Optical Response of DyN    [PDF]

M. Azeem, B. J. Ruck, Binh Do Le, H. Warring, N. M. Strickland, A. Koo, V. Goian, S. Kamba, H. J. Trodahl

1207.6169 (Ling-Yan Hung et al.)

String-Net Models with $Z_N$ Fusion Algebra    [PDF]

Ling-Yan Hung, Yidun Wan

1207.6359 (ZhenHua Li et al.)

Hierarchical Liouville-space approach for accurate and universal
characterization of quantum impurity systems

ZhenHua Li, NingHua Tong, JianHua Wei, Xiao Zheng, Jie Hu, YiJing Yan

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1207.5556 (Orestis Georgiou et al.)

Influence of boundary conditions on quantum escape    [PDF]

Orestis Georgiou, Goran Gligorić, Achilleas Lazarides, Diego F. M. Oliveira, Joshua D. Bodyfelt, Arseni Goussev

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1207.5045 (Illarion Dorofeyev)

Energy of natural interface modes    [PDF]

Illarion Dorofeyev

1207.5157 (Philippe Lalanne et al.)

Waves on subwavelength metallic surfaces: a microscopic view point    [PDF]

Philippe Lalanne, Haitao Liu

1207.5171 (Thomas Dunn et al.)

Swing switching of spin-torque valves    [PDF]

Thomas Dunn, Alex Kamenev

1207.5304 (Juerg Froehlich et al.)

Gauge theory of topological phases of matter    [PDF]

Juerg Froehlich, Philipp Werner

1207.5309 (Xiaojian Bai et al.)

Holographic Charged Fluid with Anomalous Current at Finite Cutoff
Surface in Einstein-Maxwell Gravity

Xiaojian Bai, Ya-Peng Hu, Bum-Hoon Lee, Yun-Long Zhang

1207.5346 (Leonid Manevitch et al.)

Nonlinear energy transfer in classical and quantum systems    [PDF]

Leonid Manevitch, Agnessa Kovaleva

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

1009.0042 (María Belén Franzoni et al.)

Storage of Quantum Coherences as Phase Labeled Local Polarization in
Solid State NMR

María Belén Franzoni, Rodolfo H. Acosta, Horacio M. Pastawski, Patricia R. Levstein

1207.2760 (V. A. Nikolaenko et al.)

The carrying of the surface electrons in quasi-one-dimensional system
over superfluid helium in conditions of the negatively charged substrate

V. A. Nikolaenko, A. V. Smorodin

1207.2935 (R. C. Johnson et al.)

Evolution of spin relaxation processes in LiY$_{1-x}$Ho$_x$F$_4$ with
increasing x studied via AC-susceptibility and muon spin relaxation

R. C. Johnson, B. Z. Malkin, J. S. Lord, S. R. Giblin, A. Amato, C. Baines, A. Lascialfari, B. Barbara, M. J. Graf

1207.2995 (A. Patrykiejew)

On the phase behavior of mixed Ar-Xe submonolayer films on graphite    [PDF]

A. Patrykiejew

1207.3052 (M. N. Chernodub)

Rotating Casimir systems: magnetic-field-enhanced perpetual motion,
possible realization in doped nanotubes, and laws of thermodynamics

M. N. Chernodub

Thursday, July 5, 2012

1207.0899 (Khisa Sh. Borlakov et al.)

Phenomenological theory of spin-orbit phase transitions    [PDF]

Khisa Sh. Borlakov, Albert Kh. Borlakov

1207.0908 (Pierre-François Loos et al.)

Correlation energy of the one-dimensional Coulomb gas    [PDF]

Pierre-François Loos, Peter M. W. Gill

1207.0947 (D. Yuvaraj et al.)

Optomechanical Cavity with a Buckled Mirror    [PDF]

D. Yuvaraj, M. B. Kadam, Oleg Shtempluck, Eyal Buks

1207.0961 (N. Emery et al.)

A variable temperature study of the crystal and magnetic structures of
the giant magnetoresistant materials LnMnAsO (Ln = La, Nd)

N. Emery, E. J. Wildman, J. M. S. Skakle, R. I. Smith, A. N. Fitch, A. C. Mclaughlin

1207.1000 (Khisa Sh. Borlakov et al.)

Temperature-Induced magneto-structural transformations in nickel

Khisa Sh. Borlakov, Albert Kh. Borlakov

1207.1073 (F. Casola et al.)

Dimensional crossover of spin chains in a transverse staggered field: an
NMR study

F. Casola, T. Shiroka, V. Glazkov, A. Feiguin, G. Dhalenne, A. Revcolevschi, A. Zheludev, H. -R. Ott, J. Mesot

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1110.5681 (Radu Ionicioiu et al.)

Encoding graphs into quantum states: an axiomatic approach    [PDF]

Radu Ionicioiu, Tim P. Spiller

1207.0049 (Khisa Sh. Borlakov et al.)

On conservation of the of crystal lattice symmetry in transition at
Curie point in exchange magnets

Khisa Sh. Borlakov, Albert Kh. Borlakov

1207.0050 (Khisa Sh. Borlakov et al.)

Thermodynamically stable equal-module exchange magnetic classes    [PDF]

Khisa Sh. Borlakov, Albert Kh. Borlakov

1207.0055 (Khisa Sh. Borlakov et al.)

The problem of choosing of the group of symmetries of paramagnetic phase
in the theory of magnetic phase transitions and the exchange multiplets

Khisa Sh. Borlakov, Albert Kh. Borlakov

1207.0257 (Heike Emmerich et al.)

Phase-field-crystal models for condensed matter dynamics on atomic
length and diffusive time scales: an overview

Heike Emmerich, Hartmut Löwen, Raphael Wittkowski, Thomas Gruhn, Gyula I. Tóth, György Tegze, László Gránásy

1207.0283 (S. Gaurav et al.)

Theoritical Investigations On The Elastic Properties Of Bifeo3 Using Eos    [PDF]

S. Gaurav, S. Shankar Subramanian, Satyendra P Singh, B. S Sharma, Department of Physics, AIAS, Amity Unversity, India, Department of Physics, Institute of Basic Sciences, India

1207.0322 (P. M. Walmsley et al.)

Rotating quantum turbulence in superfluid 4He in the T=0 limit    [PDF]

P. M. Walmsley, A. I. Golov

1207.0395 (Jing-Nuo Wu et al.)

Dynamics of relaxation, decoherence and entropy of a qubit in
anisotropic photonic crystals

Jing-Nuo Wu, Hung-Kuang Chen, Wen-Feng Hsieh, Szu-Cheng Cheng

1207.0457 (Anton Kapustin)

Remarks on nonrelativistic Goldstone bosons    [PDF]

Anton Kapustin

1207.0459 (Jesper Levinsen et al.)

Quasi-two-dimensional bound states    [PDF]

Jesper Levinsen, Meera M. Parish

1207.0464 (Jing-Nuo Wu et al.)

Effect of photonic band gap on entanglement dynamics of qubits    [PDF]

Jing-Nuo Wu, Wen-Feng Hsieh, Szu-Cheng Cheng

1207.0683 (Jacopo Parravicini et al.)

Programming scale-free optics in disordered ferroelectrics    [PDF]

Jacopo Parravicini, Claudio Conti, Aharon J. Agranat, Eugenio DelRe