Monday, June 18, 2012

1107.1759 (Savannah Garmon et al.)

Analysis technique for exceptional points in open quantum systems and
QPT analogy for the appearance of irreversibility

Savannah Garmon, Ingrid Rotter, Naomichi Hatano, Dvira Segal

1206.3386 (V. D. Lakhno)

On the cutoff parameter in the translation-invariant theory of the
strong coupling polaron. (response to comments [arXiv:1204.4142] on the paper
V. D. Lakhno, SSC, 152, (2012), 621)

V. D. Lakhno

1206.3388 (Dmitry A. Bykov et al.)

Numerical methods for calculating poles of the scattering matrix with
applications in grating theory

Dmitry A. Bykov, Leonid L. Doskolovich

1206.3479 (M. M. Glazov et al.)

Spin noise in quantum dot ensembles    [PDF]

M. M. Glazov, E. L. Ivchenko

1206.3542 (T. Björkman et al.)

Are we van der Waals ready?    [PDF]

T. Björkman, A. Gulans, A. V. Krasheninnikov, R. M. Nieminen