Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1207.6643 (Alexander F. Goncharov et al.)

To the Editor: comment on Eremets and Troyan, Nature Mater. 10, 927-931

Alexander F. Goncharov, Viktor V. Struzhkin

1207.6647 (Felix A. Buot)

Nonequilibrium Multi-Band Spin Quantum Transport Equations: Spin,
Pseudo-Spin, and Total Charge Coupling

Felix A. Buot

1207.6913 (J. E. Hamann-Borrero et al.)

Magnetic frustration, phase competition and the magneto-electric effect
in NdFe3(BO3)4

J. E. Hamann-Borrero, S. Partzsch, S. Valencia, C. Mazzoli, J. Herrero-Martin, R. Feyerherm, E. Dudzik, C. Hess, A. Vasiliev, L. Bezmaternykh, B. Buechner, J. Geck

1207.6958 (Muneto Nitta)

Josephson vortices and the Atiyah-Manton construction    [PDF]

Muneto Nitta

1207.7022 (Almut Beige et al.)

Environment-induced heating in sonoluminescence experiments    [PDF]

Almut Beige, Antonio Capolupo, Andreas Kurcz

1207.7050 (Duk Y. Kim et al.)

Absence of supersolidity in solid helium in porous Vycor glass    [PDF]

Duk Y. Kim, Moses H. W. Chan