Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1105.4104 (Olivier Vincent et al.)

Birth and growth of cavitation bubbles within water under tension
confined in a simple synthetic tree

Olivier Vincent, Philippe Marmottant, Pedro A. Quinto-Su, Claus-Dieter Ohl

1110.0018 (Oleg N. Kirillov)

PT-symmetry, indefinite damping and dissipation-induced instabilities    [PDF]

Oleg N. Kirillov

1202.4452 (Konstantin A. Kouzakov et al.)

Plasmon-assisted electron-electron collisions at metallic surfaces    [PDF]

Konstantin A. Kouzakov, Jamal Berakdar

1202.4644 (Emmanuel Baudin)

Magic composite pulses    [PDF]

Emmanuel Baudin

1202.4706 (Guilhem Boeris et al.)

Tailoring Chirp in Spin-Lasers    [PDF]

Guilhem Boeris, Jeongsu Lee, Karel Vyborny, Igor Zutic

1202.4753 (Oguz Umut Salman et al.)

On the critical nature of plastic flow: one and two dimensional models    [PDF]

Oguz Umut Salman, Lev Truskinovsky

Thursday, February 16, 2012

1106.2318 (A. A. Kordyuk et al.)

Anomalously enhanced photoemission from the Dirac point and symmetry of
the self-energy variations for the surface states in Bi2Se3

A. A. Kordyuk, V. B. Zabolotnyy, D. V. Evtushinsky, T. K. Kim, B. Buechner, I. V. Plyushchay, H. Berger, S. V. Borisenko

1106.4078 (C. De Grandi et al.)

Universal nonequilibrium quantum dynamics in imaginary time    [PDF]

C. De Grandi, A. Polkovnikov, A. W. Sandvik

1112.5102 (V. V. Pavlov et al.)

Optical properties and electronic structure of multiferroic hexagonal
orthoferrites RFeO3 (R=Ho, Er, Lu)

V. V. Pavlov, A. R. Akbashev, A. M. Kalashnikova, V. A. Rusakov, A. R. Kaul, M. Bayer, R. V. Pisarev

1202.3237 (Andreas Wild et al.)

Few electron double quantum dot in an isotopically purified $^{28}$Si
quantum well

Andreas Wild, Johannes Kierig, Jürgen Sailer, Joel Ager III, Eugene Haller, Gerhard Abstreiter, Stefan Ludwig, Dominique Bougeard

1202.3272 (Antoine Canaguier-Durand et al.)

The Casimir effect in the sphere-plane geometry    [PDF]

Antoine Canaguier-Durand, Romain Guérout, Paulo A. Maia Neto, Astrid Lambrecht, Serge Reynaud

1202.3316 (André Gusso et al.)

A multilayered effective medium model for the roughness effect on the
Casimir force

André Gusso, Úrsula Berion Reis

1202.3353 (Harry J. Lipkin)

Directed Spontaneous Emission from $N$-atom Extended Ensemble    [PDF]

Harry J. Lipkin

1202.3387 (R. Jarrier et al.)

Surface phase transitions in BiFeO3 below room temperature    [PDF]

R. Jarrier, X. Marti, J. Herrero-Albillos, P. Ferrer, R. Haumont, P. Gemeiner, G. Geneste, P. Berthet, T. Schülli, P. Cvec, R. Blinc, Stanislaus S. Wong, Tae-Jin Park, M. Alexe, M. A. Carpenter, J. F. Scott, G. Catalan, B. Dkhil

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1202.2430 (C. Duval et al.)

Transverse Shifts in Paraxial Spinoptics    [PDF]

C. Duval, P. A. Horvathy, P. M. Zhang

1202.2442 (Pawel Romanczuk et al.)

Active Brownian Particles. From Individual to Collective Stochastic

Pawel Romanczuk, Markus Bär, Werner Ebeling, Benjamin Lindner, Lutz Schimansky-Geier

1202.2458 (Sumit R. Das et al.)

Non-equilibrium Dynamics of O(N) Nonlinear Sigma models: a Large-N

Sumit R. Das, K. Sengupta

1202.2537 (Alfred Shapere et al.)

Classical Time Crystals    [PDF]

Alfred Shapere, Frank Wilczek

1202.2539 (Frank Wilczek)

Quantum Time Crystals    [PDF]

Frank Wilczek

1202.2574 (Jeng-Da Chai et al.)

Nonempirical double-hybrid density functional: The PBE0-2 functional    [PDF]

Jeng-Da Chai, Shan-Ping Mao

Friday, February 10, 2012

1112.1292 (M. -H. Hu et al.)

Investigation of the thermal stability of Mg/Co periodic multilayers for
EUV applications

M. -H. Hu, K. Le Guen, Jean-Michel André, S. -K. Zhou, H. -C. Li, J. -T. Zhu, Z. -S. Wang, C. Meny, N. Mahne, Angela Giglia, S. Nannarone, I. Esteve, M. Walls, Philippe Jonnard

1202.1982 (Stefan Yoshi Buhmann et al.)

Casimir-Polder interaction of fullerene molecules with surfaces    [PDF]

Stefan Yoshi Buhmann, Stefan Scheel, Simen Å. Ellingsen, Klaus Hornberger, Andreas Jacob

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1102.1317 (Daisuke Yamamoto et al.)

Dipolar Bosons in Triangular Optical Lattices: Quantum Phase Transitions
and Anomalous Hysteresis

Daisuke Yamamoto, Ippei Danshita, Carlos A. R. Sá de Melo

1108.6190 (Sam Azadi et al.)

Absence of Metallization in Solid Molecular Hydrogen    [PDF]

Sam Azadi, Thomas D. Kühne

1110.2183 (Dmitry Borzov et al.)

Nature of 3D Bose Gases near Resonance    [PDF]

Dmitry Borzov, Mohammad S. Mashayekhi, Shizhong Zhang, Jun-Liang Song, Fei Zhou

1110.5525 (A. Uldry et al.)

Systematic computation of crystal field multiplets for X-ray core

A. Uldry, F. Vernay, B. Delley

1201.5060 (Kelly R. Patton et al.)

Storing flux qubits in the quantum RAM of binary Bose-Einstein

Kelly R. Patton, Uwe R. Fischer

1202.0913 (Jean Desbois et al.)

Arithmetic area for m planar Brownian paths    [PDF]

Jean Desbois, Stephane Ouvry

1202.0956 (V. S. Shchesnovich)

Vortex-like superfluid of Bose-Einstein condensate in the honeycomb
optical lattice with a sublattice of dissipative sites

V. S. Shchesnovich

1202.1092 (Peter M. W. Gill et al.)

Uniform electron gases    [PDF]

Peter M. W. Gill, Pierre-François Loos

1202.1131 (J. I. Mercer et al.)

Atomic level micromagnetic model of recording media switching at
elevated temperatures

J. I. Mercer, M. L. Plumer, J. P. Whitehead, anf J. van Ek

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1105.2518 (Stephan Winnerl et al.)

Carrier dynamics in epitaxial graphene close to the Dirac point    [PDF]

Stephan Winnerl, Milan Orlita, Paulina Plochocka, Piotr Kossacki, Marek Potemski, Torben Winzer, Ermin Malic, Andreas Knorr, Michael Sprinkle, Claire Berger, Walter A. de Heer, Harald Schneider, Manfred Helm

1110.3696 (Alain Audouard et al.)

Quantum oscillations in the linear chain of coupled orbits: the organic
metal with two cation layers theta-(ET)(4)CoBr(4)(C(6)H(4)Cl(2))

Alain Audouard, Jean-Yves Fortin, David Vignolles, Rustem B. Lyubovskii, Loïc Drigo, Fabienne Duc, Gena V. Shilov, Elena I. Zhilayeva, Rimma N. Lyubovskaya, Enric Canadell

1110.3988 (Riccardo Rota et al.)

Onset temperature of Bose-Einstein condensation in incommensurate solid

Riccardo Rota, Jordi Boronat

1201.6374 (M. Sepioni et al.)

Revealing common artifacts due to ferromagnetic inclusions in
highly-oriented pyrolytic graphite

M. Sepioni, R. R. Nair, I-Ling Tsai, A. K. Geim, I. V. Grigorieva

1201.6514 (Alexander Altland et al.)

Equilibration and macroscopic quantum fluctuations in the Dicke model    [PDF]

Alexander Altland, Fritz Haake