Monday, September 17, 2012

1209.3044 (Michael H. Kolodrubetz et al.)

The effect of quantization on the FCIQMC sign problem    [PDF]

Michael H. Kolodrubetz, James S. Spencer, Bryan K. Clark, W. Matthew C. Foulkes

1209.3063 (Pavel Ginzburg et al.)

Cascaded Second-order Surface Plasmon Solitons due to Intrinsic Metal

Pavel Ginzburg, Alexey Krasavin, Anatoly V. Zayats

1209.3151 (Oleg P. Ledenyov et al.)

Physical features of accumulation and distribution processes of small
disperse coal dust precipitations and absorbed radioactive chemical elements
in iodine air filter at nuclear power plant

Oleg P. Ledenyov, Ivan M. Neklyudov, P. Ya. Poltinin, L. I. Fedorova

1209.3195 (J. Even et al.)

An electronic model for self-assembled hybrid organic/perovskite
semiconductors: reverse band edge electronic states ordering and spin-orbit

J. Even, L. Pedesseau, M. -A. Dupertuis, J. -M. Jancu, C. Katan

1209.3210 (Giorgio Krstulovic)

Kelvin-wave cascade and dissipation in low-temperature superfluids

Giorgio Krstulovic

1209.3235 (Wlodek Zawadzki)

Electron dynamics in crystalline semiconductors    [PDF]

Wlodek Zawadzki

1209.3288 (Claudia Eberlein et al.)

Quantum electrodynamics near anisotropic polarizable materials:
Casimir-Polder shifts near multi-layers of graphene

Claudia Eberlein, Robert Zietal