Monday, September 17, 2012

1209.3063 (Pavel Ginzburg et al.)

Cascaded Second-order Surface Plasmon Solitons due to Intrinsic Metal

Pavel Ginzburg, Alexey Krasavin, Anatoly V. Zayats
We theoretically show the existence of cascaded second-order surface plasmon solitons propagating at the interface between metal and linear dielectric. Nonlocal multipole nonlinearities originating from free conduction electron plasma of a metal lead to strong interaction between co-propagating surface plasmon polariton beams at fundamental and second harmonic frequencies. Finite element numerical modelling for effective two-dimensional medium explicitly demonstrates the solitons formation, confirming the theoretical results. The non-diffractive regime of propagation has been demonstrated at silica/silver interface for 5{\lambda} wide surface plasmon polariton beams with the loss-limited propagation distance of the order of 100 um for the 750/1550 nm wavelengths pair. Plasmon-soliton formation in the phasematched conditions has been shown to be beneficial for nondiffractive surface plasmon polariton propagation.
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