Wednesday, November 7, 2012

1211.1070 (Hector Estrada et al.)

Ultralow frequency acoustic resonances and its potential for mitigating
tsunami wave formation

Hector Estrada, Francisco Meseguer

1211.1088 (Eyal Kenig et al.)

Optimal operating points of oscillators using nonlinear resonators    [PDF]

Eyal Kenig, M. C. Cross, L. G. Villanueva, R. B. Karabalin, M. H. Matheny, Ron Lifshitz, M. L. Roukes

1211.1140 (C. Attaccalite et al.)

Trends in condensed matter physics: is research going faster and faster?    [PDF]

C. Attaccalite, S. Barland

1211.1259 (Alexander Kozhanov et al.)

Spin Wave Scattering in Ferromagnetic Cross    [PDF]

Alexander Kozhanov, Alexander Anferov, Ajey P. Jacob, S. James Allen

1211.1290 (A. Askitopoulos et al.)

Condensation of exciton-polaritons through evaporative cooling    [PDF]

A. Askitopoulos, H. Ohadi, Z. Hatzopoulos, P. G. Savvidis, A. V. Kavokin, P. G. Lagoudakis