Wednesday, November 7, 2012

1211.1259 (Alexander Kozhanov et al.)

Spin Wave Scattering in Ferromagnetic Cross    [PDF]

Alexander Kozhanov, Alexander Anferov, Ajey P. Jacob, S. James Allen
Spin wave scattering in the right angle ferromagnetic cross was measured. Shape anisotropy defined magnetization ground states at zero biasing magnetic fields. Scattering of the spin waves in the center of ferromagnetic cross is strongly dependent on the amplitude and angle of the biasing magnetic field. Micromagnetic simulations indicate that low in-plane biasing magnetic fields rotate the magnetization of the cross center while the arms stay axially magnetized due to the shape anisotropy. We discuss effect of biasing magnetic fields on the spin wave scattering and approaches to an effective spin wave switch based on the fabricated structure.
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