Wednesday, November 7, 2012

1211.1070 (Hector Estrada et al.)

Ultralow frequency acoustic resonances and its potential for mitigating
tsunami wave formation

Hector Estrada, Francisco Meseguer
Bubbles display astonishing acoustical properties since they are able to absorb and scatter large amounts of energy coming from waves whose wavelengths are two orders of magnitude larger than the bubble size. Thus, as the interaction distance between bubbles is much larger than the bubble size, clouds of bubbles exhibit collective oscillations which can scatter acoustic waves three orders magnitude larger than the bubble size. Here we propose bubble based systems which resonate at frequencies that match the time scale relevant for seismogenic tsunami wave generation and may mitigate the devastating effects of tsunami waves. Based on a linear approximation, our na\"ive proposal may open new research paths towards the mitigation of tsunami waves generation.
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