Monday, April 30, 2012

1204.6034 (D. Herranz et al.)

Very strong reduction of 1/f noise by Carbon doping in epitaxial
Fe/MgO(100)12ML/Fe magnetic tunnel junctions with large density of barrier

D. Herranz, R. Guerrero, J. P. Cascales, F. G. Aliev, M. Hehn, C. Tiusan

1204.6053 (William Holloway et al.)

Filtered models for reacting gas-particle flows    [PDF]

William Holloway, Sankaran Sundaresan

1204.6071 (S. N. Luo et al.)

Gas gun shock experiments with single-pulse x-ray phase contrast imaging
and diffraction at the Advanced Photon Source

S. N. Luo, B. J. Jensen, D. E. Hooks, K. Fezzaa, K. J. Ramos, J. D. Yeager, K. Kwiatkowski, 1, T. Shimada

1204.6141 (Savannah Garmon et al.)

Amplification of non-Markovian decay due to bound state absorption into

Savannah Garmon, Tomio Petrosky, Yelena Nikulina, Dvira Segal

1204.6172 (Jaakko Hosio et al.)

Quasiparticle scattering measurements of laminar and turbulent vortex
flow in the spin-down of superfluid 3He-B

Jaakko Hosio, Vladimir Eltsov, Matti Krusius, Jere Mäkinen