Thursday, August 2, 2012

1112.5256 (Sachin Kasture et al.)

Near dispersion-less surface plasmon polariton resonances at a
metal-dielectric interface

Sachin Kasture, P. Mandal, Amandev Singh, Andrew Ramsay, Arvind S. Vengurlekar, S. Dutta Gupta, V. I. Belotelov, Achanta Venu Gopal
Omni-directional light coupling to surface plasmon polariton (SPP) modes to make use of plasmon mediated near-field enhancement is challenging. We report possibility of near dispersion-less modes in structures with unpatterned metal-dielectric interfaces having 2-D dielectric patterns on top. We show that the position and dispersion of the excited modes can be controlled by the excitation geometry and the 2-D pattern. The anti-crossings resulting from the in-plane coupling of different SPP modes are also shown.
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