Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1207.7296 (Andrew W. Baggaley et al.)

Vortex-density fluctuations, energy spectra and vortical regions in
superfluid turbulence

Andrew W. Baggaley, Jason Laurie, Carlo F. Barenghi
Measurements of the energy spectrum and of the vortex-density fluctuation spectrum in superfluid turbulence seem to contradict each other. Using a numerical model, we show that at each instance of time the total vortex line density can be decomposed into two parts: one formed by metastable bundles of coherent vortices, and one in which the vortices are randomly oriented. We show that the former is responsible for the observed Kolmogorov energy spectrum, and the latter for the spectrum of the vortex line density fluctuations.
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