Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1208.1146 (J. S. White et al.)

Electric-field control of the skyrmion lattice in Cu2OSeO3    [PDF]

J. S. White, I. Levatić, A. A. Omrani, N. Egetenmeyer, K. Prša, I. Živković, J. L. Gavilano, J. Kohlbrecher, M. Bartkowiak, H. Berger, H. M. Rønnow
Small-angle neutron scattering has been employed to study the influence of applied electric (E-) fields on the skyrmion lattice in the chiral lattice magnetoelectric Cu2OSeO3. In an experimental geometry with the E-field parallel to the [111] axis, and the magnetic field parallel to the [1-10] axis, we demonstrate that the effect of applying an E-field is to controllably rotate the skyrmion lattice around the magnetic field axis. Our results are an important first demonstration for a microscopic coupling between applied E-fields and the skyrmions in an insulator, and show that the general emergent properties of skyrmions may be tailored according to the properties of the host system.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1208.1146

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