Friday, August 10, 2012

1208.1845 (Longguang Liao et al.)

A Single Cluster Covering for Dodecagonal Quasiperiodic Structure    [PDF]

Longguang Liao, Zexian Cao
Single cluster covering approach provides a plausible mechanism for the formation and stability of octagonal and decagonal quasiperiodic structures. For dodecagonal quasiperiodic pattern such a single cluster covering scheme is still unavailable. Here we demonstrated that the ship tiling, one of the dodecagonal quasiperioidic structures, can be constructed from one single prototile with matching rules. A deflation procedure is devised by assigning proper orientations to the tiles present in the ship tiling including regular triangle, 30{\deg}-rhombus and square, and fourteen types of vertical configurations have been identified in the deflated pattern, which fulfill the closure condition under deflation and all result in a T-cluster centered at vertex. This result can facilitate the study of physical properties of dodecagonal quasicrystals.
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