Tuesday, September 18, 2012

0909.0434 (Eduardo Cuervo-Reyes et al.)

Unexpected Magnetism in Alkaline Earth Mono-Silicides    [PDF]

Eduardo Cuervo-Reyes, Elizabeth Diane Stalder, Christian Mensing, Serhiy Budnyk, Reinhard Nesper
Alkaline earth mono-silicides ({\AE}Si, {\AE} $=$ Ca, Sr, Ba) are poor metals and their transport properties are not solely determined by the Zintl anion, in contrast to their Zintl-type composition. Their conducting network is formed by the depopulated ${}^{1}_{\infty}$[Si$^{2-}$] $\pi$-system and {\AE}-$d$ states. This justifies the special local coordination of the metal atoms and the planarity of the silicon chains. The low density of carriers seems to be a playground for magnetic instabilities and the triangular prismatic arrangement of {\AE} atoms responsible for the observed weak glassy behavior.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/0909.0434

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