Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1209.0214 (A. Ya. Braginsky)

Compensating fields in the Landau local theory and phenomenological
description of the electron-phonon interaction

A. Ya. Braginsky
We study inhomogeneous states with local translation symmetry, described by the order parameter (OP) with local transformation properties . It is shown that in the OP extended derivative we should consider compensating field which is equivalent to the distortion tensor. The definition of the phonon potential as a 4-distortion tensor is given and equations of motion of a particle in a phonon field are obtained. We construct the Ginzburg-Landau potential, which clearly describes the electron-phonon interaction and gives the correct definition of the quantum of magnetic flux without doubling the phenomenological charge interaction. The description of the states with the d-symmetry of the wave superconducting gap by the low-symmetric solutions is suggested, in which the inversion of space-time is not equivalent to the OP complex conjugation. A comparative analysis of the nonlinear Landau theory with the compensating field distortion and the Kadi\'c-Edelen linear gauge theory of dislocations is performed.
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