Friday, September 7, 2012

1209.1381 (Sophia R. Sklan et al.)

Nonplanar ground states of the classical antiferromagnet on an
octahedral lattice

Sophia R. Sklan, Christopher L. Henley
We consider methods to identify the classical ground state for an exchange-coupled Heisenberg antiferromagnet on a non-Bravais lattice with interactions $J_{ij}$ to several neighbor distances. Here we apply this to the unusual "octahedral" lattice in which spins sit on the edge midpoints of a simple cubic lattice. Our approach is informed by the eigenvectors of $J_{ij}$ with largest eigenvalues. We discovered two families of non-coplanar states: (i) two kinds of commensurate state with cubic symmetry, each having twelve sublattices with spins pointing in (1,1,0) directions in spin space (modulo a global rotation); (ii) varieties of incommensurate conic spiral. The latter family is addressed by projecting the three-dimensional lattice to a one-dimensional chain, with a basis of two (or more) sites per unit cell.
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