Friday, September 14, 2012

1209.2872 (A. Vedyayev et al.)

Artificial ferroelectricity due to anomalous Hall effect in magnetic
tunnel junctions

A. Vedyayev, N. Ryzhanova, N. Strelkov, B. Dieny
We theoretically investigated Anomalous Hall Effect (AHE) and Spin Hall Effect (SHE) transversally to the insulating spacer O, in magnetic tunnel junctions of the form F/O/F where F are ferromagnetic layers and O represents a tunnel barrier. We considered the case of purely ballistic (quantum mechanical) transport, taking into account the assymetric scattering due to spin-orbit interaction in the tunnel barrier. AHE and SHE in the considered case have a surface nature due to proximity effect. Their amplitude is in first order of the scattering potential. This contrasts with ferromagnetic metals wherein these effect are in second (side-jump scattering) and third (skew scattering) order on these potentials. The value of AHE voltage in insulating spacer may be much larger than in metallic ferromagnetic electrodes. For the antiparallel orientation of the magnetizations in the two F-electrodes, a spontaneous Hall voltage exists even at zero applied voltage. Therefore an insulating spacer sandwiched between two ferromagnetic layers can be considered as exhibiting a spontaneous ferroelectricity.
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