Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1209.5638 (Alessandro Roggero et al.)

Dynamical Structure Factors in Quantum Many-Body Systems from Quantum
Monte Carlo Calculations

Alessandro Roggero, Francesco Pederiva, Giuseppina Orlandini
An ab-initio method for determining the dynamical structure function of an interacting many--body quantum system has been devised by combining a generalized integral transform method with Quantum Monte Carlo methods. As a first application, the coherent and, separately, the incoherent excitation spectrum of bulk atomic 4He has been computed, both in the low and intermediate momentum range. The peculiar form of the kernel in the integral transform of the dynamical structure function allows to predict, without using any model, both position and width of the collective excitations in the maxon--roton region, as well as the second collective peak. A prediction of the dispersion of the single--particle modes described by the incoherent part is also presented.
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