Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1210.4208 (W. J. M. Kort-Kamp et al.)

Spontaneous emission in the presence of a spherical plasmonic cloak    [PDF]

W. J. M. Kort-Kamp, F. S. S. Rosa, F. A. Pinheiro, C. Farina
We investigate the spontaneous emission of a two-level atom placed in the vicinities of a plasmonic cloak composed of a coated sphere. In the dipole approximation, we show that the spontaneous emission rate can be reduced to its vacuum value provided the atomic emission frequency lies within the plasmonic cloak frequency operation range. Considering the current status of plasmonic cloaking devices, this condition may be fulfilled for many atomic species so that we argue that atoms with a sufficiently strong transition can be used as quantum, local probes for the efficiency of plasmonic cloaks.
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