Friday, October 26, 2012

1210.6961 (Venkat Chandrasekhar et al.)

RTSPM: Real-time Linux control software for scanning probe microscopy    [PDF]

Venkat Chandrasekhar, Manan Mehta
Real time computer control is an essential feature of scanning probe microscopes, which have become essential tools for the characterization and investigation of nanometer scale samples. Most commercial (and some open-source) scanning probe data acquisition software uses digital signal processors (DSPs) to handle the real time data processing and control, which adds to the expense and complexity of the control software. We describe here scan control software that uses a single computer and a data acquisition card to acquire scan data. The computer runs an open-source real time Linux kernel, which permits fast acquisition and control while maintaining a responsive graphical user interface. Images from a simulated tuning-fork based microscope as well as a standard topographical sample are also presented, showing some of the capabilities of the software.
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