Monday, November 19, 2012

1109.0977 (Oliver Viehmann et al.)

Rescaling multipartite entanglement measures for mixed states    [PDF]

Oliver Viehmann, Christopher Eltschka, Jens Siewert
A relevant problem regarding entanglement measures is the following: Given an arbitrary mixed state, how does a measure for multipartite entanglement change if general local operations are applied to the state? This question is nontrivial as the normalization of the states has to be taken into account. Here we answer it for pure-state entanglement measures which are invariant under determinant 1 local operations and homogeneous in the state coefficients, and their convex-roof extension which quantifies mixed-state entanglement. Our analysis allows to enlarge the set of mixed states for which these important measures can be calculated exactly. In particular, our results hint at a distinguished role of entanglement measures which have homogeneous degree 2 in the state coefficients.
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