Monday, November 12, 2012

1211.2014 (Jacques Bossy et al.)

Excitations of amorphous solid helium    [PDF]

Jacques Bossy, Jacques Ollivier, Helmut Schober, Henry R. Glyde
We present neutron scattering measurements of the dynamic structure factor, $S(Q,\omega)$, of amorphous solid helium confined in 47 $\AA$ pore diameter MCM-41 at pressure 48.6 bar. At low temperature, $T$ = 0.05 K, we observe $S(Q,\omega)$ of the confined quantum amorphous solid plus the bulk polycrystalline solid between the MCM-41 powder grains. No liquid-like phonon-roton modes, other sharply defined modes at low energy ($\omega<$ 1.0 meV) or modes unique to a quantum amorphous solid that might suggest superflow are observed. Rather the $S(Q,\omega)$ of confined amorphous and bulk polycrystalline solid appear to be very similar. At higher temperature ($T>$ 1 K), the amorphous solid in the MCM-41 pores melts to a liquid which has a broad $S(Q,\omega)$ peaked near $\omega \simeq$ 0 characteristic of normal liquid $^4$He under pressure. Expressions for the $S(Q,\omega)$ of amorphous and polycrystalline solid helium are presented and compared. In previous measurements of liquid $^4$He confined in MCM-41 at lower pressure the intensity in the liquid roton mode decreases with increasing pressure until the roton vanishes at the solidification pressure (38 bars), consistent with no roton in the solid observed here.
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