Thursday, November 29, 2012

1211.6716 (S. T. Chui et al.)

Nonlocal optical generation of spin and charge currents on the surface
of magnetic insulators using total absorption and surface plasmons

S. T. Chui, Z. F. Lin, C. R. Chang, John Xiao
We study the nonlocal spin and charge current generation in a finite metallic element on the surface of magnetic insulators such as \tcb{yttrium iron garnet} due to the absorption of the magnetic surface plasmon (MSP). Whereas a surface plasmon is completely reflected by a metal, \tcb{an} MSP \tcb{can be} absorbed \tcb{due to the absence of backward states}. The \tcb{injection of} MSP generates a voltage in the longitudinal direction parallel to the wave vector, \tcb{with the voltage} proportional to input power. If the metal is a ferromagnet, a spin current can also be \tcb{induced} in the longitudinal direction. Our \tcb{results provide a way to improve upon} integrated circuits of spintronics and spin wave logic devices.
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