Thursday, January 10, 2013

1204.1570 (Alberto Nicolis et al.)

A relativistic non-relativistic Goldstone theorem: gapped Goldstones at
finite charge density

Alberto Nicolis, Federico Piazza
We adapt the Goldstone theorem to study spontaneous symmetry breaking in relativistic theo- ries at finite charge density. It is customary to treat systems at finite density via non-relativistic Hamiltonians. Here we highlight the importance of the underlying relativistic dynamics. This leads to seemingly new results whenever the charge in question is spontaneously broken and does not commute with other broken charges. We find that that the latter interpolate gapped excitations. In contrast, all existing versions of the Goldstone theorem predict the existence of gapless modes. We derive exact non-perturbative expressions for their gaps, in terms of the chemical potential and of the symmetry algebra.
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