Friday, January 4, 2013

1301.0437 (Pierre de Thier)

Some Thermodynamic Properties of Colloidal Dispersions    [PDF]

Pierre de Thier
In this paper, some results are derived to describe the out-of-equilibrium thermodynamics of colloidal suspensions. These results are obtained assuming that the properties of the colloids essentially come from their surfaces which are unusually high in comparison to their volume. The dispersion, in the form of a variable, is introduced in such a way as to embody the various changes which could affect those systems. Explicit relations are deduced for the free enthalpy of dispersion which describe two separated phenomena: the peptization/coalescence and the suspension of a colloidal phase. An alternative to the Gibbs' adsorption equation allows to explain how a surface relaxes thanks to adsorptions. Finally, a link between conformational entropy changes and surface entropy production is discussed with the idea to be applied to the well known protein folding problem.
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