Monday, January 7, 2013

1301.0807 (Thomas Lesinski)

Density Functional Theory with Spatial-Symmetry Breaking and
Configuration Mixing

Thomas Lesinski
This article generalizes the notion of the local density of a many-body system to introduce collective coordinates as explicit degrees of freedom. It is shown that the energy of the system can be expressed as a functional of this object. The latter can in turn be factorized as the product of the square of a collective wave function and a normalized collective-coordinate-dependent density. Energy minimization translates into a set of coupled equations, i.e. a local Schr\"odinger equation for the collective wave function and a set of Kohn-Sham equations for optimizing the normalized density at each point in the collective space. These equations reformulate the many-body problem exactly provided one is able to determine density- and collective-wave-function-dependent terms of the collective mass and potential which play a similar role to the exchange-correlation term in electronic Kohn-Sham density functional theory.
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