Monday, January 21, 2013

1301.4346 (Valeriy A. Brazhnyi et al.)

Interaction of discrete nonlinear Schrödinger solitons with a linear
lattice impurity

Valeriy A. Brazhnyi, Chandroth P. Jisha, A. S. Rodrigues
The interaction of moving discrete solitons with a linear Gaussian defect is investigated. Solitons with profiles varying from hyperbolic secant to exponentially localized are considered such that the mobility of soliton is maintained; the condition for which is obtained. Studies on scattering of the soliton by an attractive defect potential reveal the existence of total reflection and transmission windows which become very narrow with increasing initial soliton amplitude. Transmission regions disappear beyond the small-amplitude limit. The regions of complete reflection and partial capture correspond to the windows of the existence and nonexistence of solution of the stationary problem. Interaction of the discrete soliton with a barrier potential is also investigated. The critical amplitude of the defect at which splitting of the soliton into two parts occurs was estimated from a balance equation. The results were confirmed through direct numerical integration of the dynamical equation showing very good agreement with the analytical prediction.
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