Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1303.6067 (Alexander Kyuregyan)

Interaction of streamers and stationary corrugated ionization waves in

Alexander Kyuregyan
A numerical simulation of the evolution of an array of identical interacting streamers in semiconductors has been performed using the diffusion-drift approximation and taking into account the impact and tunnel ionization. It has been assumed that the external electric field Eo was static and uniform, the background electrons and holes were absent, the initial avalanches started simultaneously from the nodes of the plane hexagonal lattice, which was perpendicular to the external field, however the avalanches and streamers were axially symmetric. It has been shown that under certain conditions, the interaction between the streamers leads finally either to the formation of two types of stationary ionization waves with corrugated front or to a stationary plane ionization wave. A diagram of different steady states of this type waves in the parameter plane of the (Eo,R) has been presented and a qualitative explanation of the the plane partition into four different regions has been given. Characteristics of corrugated waves have been studied in detail and discussed in the region of large values of R and Eo, in which the maximum field strength at the front is large enough for implementation of the tunneling ionization. It has been shown that corrugated waves ionize semiconductor more efficiently than flat ones, especially in a relatively weak external fields.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1303.6067

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