Friday, April 5, 2013

1304.1161 (Sandra Kemler et al.)

Towards a Renormalization Group Approach to Density Functional Theory -
General Formalism and Case Studies -

Sandra Kemler, Jens Braun
We discuss a two-point particle irreducible (2PPI) approach to many-body physics which relies on a renormalization group (RG) flow equation for the associated effective action. In particular, the general structure and properties of this RG flow equation are analyzed in detail. Moreover, we discuss how our 2PPI RG approach relates to Density Functional Theory and argue that it can in principle be used to study ground-state properties of non-relativistic many-body systems from microscopic interactions, such as (heavy) nuclei. For illustration purposes, we use our formalism to compute the ground-state properties of two toy models.
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