Thursday, April 11, 2013

1304.2795 (J. Rysti et al.)

Quartz Tuning Forks and Acoustic Phenomena in Superfluid Helium    [PDF]

J. Rysti, J. Tuoriniemi
Mechanical resonators are well suited for probing the properties of liquid helium, since the resonant characteristics are sensitive to the fluid properties. Quartz tuning forks have gained much popularity in recent years as the resonators of choice. They have many superior properties when compared to other resonators, such as vibrating wires. However, the intricate geometry of a tuning fork represents a challenge for analyzing their behavior in a fluid environment; analytical approaches cannot be employed. In this article the characteristics of quartz tuning fork resonators in superfluid helium are studied by numerical simulations. We account for the compressibility of the medium, that is, acoustic phenomena and neglect viscosity. We compute the influence to the oscillator response when the fork is immersed in an inviscid compressible fluid. The significance of different tuning fork shapes is studied. Acoustic emission in infinite medium and acoustic resonances in a confined space are investigated. The results can aid in choosing a quartz tuning fork with suitable properties for experiments, as well as understanding measured data.
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