Wednesday, April 24, 2013

1304.6342 (Michele Ruggeri et al.)

Quasi-two-dimensional liquid He-3    [PDF]

Michele Ruggeri, Saverio Moroni, Massimo Boninsegni
Quantum Monte Carlo simulations at zero temperature of an ensemble of He-3 atoms in the presence of smooth Mg, Li, Na and K substrates yield strong evidence of a thermodynamically stable liquid He-3 monolayer for Na and K. The effective 2D density is approximately 0.02 atoms per square A on Na, making it the lowest density liquid in Nature. Its existence is underlain by zero-point atomic motion perpendicular to the substrate, whose effect is that of softening the short-range repulsion of the helium interatomic potential. The monolayer film is expected to turn superfluid at a temperature of the order of 1 mK. No liquid film is predicted to form on Mg, or on stronger substrates such as graphite.
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