Monday, April 29, 2013

1304.7102 (Mark G. Alford et al.)

From field theory to superfluid hydrodynamics of dense quark matter    [PDF]

Mark G. Alford, S. Kumar Mallavarapu, Andreas Schmitt, Stephan Stetina
Hydrodynamics of superfluids can be described by formally dividing the fluid into a normal fluid and a superfluid part. In color-flavor locked quark matter, at least one superfluid component is present due to spontaneous breaking of baryon number conservation, and an additional one due to the breaking of strangeness arises once one takes into account kaon condensation. We show how such a two-component description emerges from an underlying scalar field theory which can be viewed as an effective theory for kaons. Furthermore, the occurring hydrodynamic quantities in the low-temperature limit are related to the microscopic parameters provided by the Lagrangian which closes the gap between field theory and hydrodynamics, which are important for astrophysical calculations.
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