Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1305.1341 (Pedro M. S. Monteiro et al.)

Spatially homogeneous ferromagnetism below the enhanced Curie
temperature in EuO_{1-x} thin films

Pedro M. S. Monteiro, Peter J. Baker, Adrian Ionescu, Crispin H. W. Barnes, Zaher Salman, Andreas Suter, Thomas Prokscha, Sean Langridge
We have used low energy implanted muons as a volume sensitive probe of the magnetic properties of EuO_{1-x} thin films. We find that static and homogeneous magnetic order persists up to the elevated T_C in the doped samples and the muon signal displays the double dome feature also observed in the sample magnetization. Our results appear incompatible with either the magnetic phase separation or bound magnetic polaron descriptions previously suggested to explain the elevated T_C, but are compatible with an RKKY-like interaction mediating magnetic interactions above 69 K.
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