Friday, June 7, 2013

1306.1349 (Sebastien Kawka)

Surface plasmons mediated energy transfer from a semiconductor quantum
well to an organic overlayer

Sebastien Kawka
We consider the resonant energy transfer from a two-dimensional Wannier exciton (donor) to a Frenkel exciton of a molecular crystal overlayer (acceptor) when the active medias are separated by a metallic layer, possibly an electrode. We characterize the effect of the surface plasmon on this process. Using realistic values of material parameters, we show that it is possible to change the transfer rate within typically a factor of 5 (up to 44 according to geometrical configuration). We then take into account the quenching of the organic luminescence due to the proximity with the metal. This latter is significant and affect negatively the total internal efficiency that we discuss for different geometries.
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