Monday, June 10, 2013

1306.1610 (Liwei Duan et al.)

Entanglement dynamics of a two-qubit system coupled individually to
Ohmic baths

Liwei Duan, Hui Wang, Qinghu Chen, Yang Zhao
The Davydov D1 ansatz, which assigns an individual bosonic trajectory to each spin state, is an efficient, yet accurate trial state for time-dependent variation of the the spin-boson model [J. Chem. Phys. 138, 084111 (2013)]. In this work, the Dirac-Frenkel time-dependent variational procedure utilizing the Davydov D1 ansatz is implemented to study entanglement dynamics of two qubits under the influence of two independent baths. The Ohmic spectral density is used without the Born-Markov approximation or the rotating-wave approximation. In the strong coupling regime the entanglement sudden death is always found to exist, while at the intermediate coupling regime, the entanglement dynamics calculated by Davydov D1 ansatz displays oscillatory behavior in addition to entanglement sudden death and revival.
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