Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1306.2620 (Gurneet Kaur et al.)

Decay of spin coherences in one-dimensional spin systems    [PDF]

Gurneet Kaur, Ashok Ajoy, Paola Cappellaro
Strategies to protect multi-qubit states against decoherence are difficult to formulate because of their complex many-body dynamics. A better knowledge of the decay dynamics would help in the construction of decoupling control schemes. Here we use solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance techniques to experimentally investigate the decay of coherent multi-spin states in linear spin chains. Leveraging on the quasi-one-dimensional geometry of Fluorapatite crystal spin systems, we can gain a deeper insight on the multi-spin states created by the coherent evolution, and their subsequent decay, than it is possible in 3D systems. We are then able to formulate an analytical model that captures the key features of the decay. We can thus compare the decoherence behavior for different initial states of the spin chain and link their decay rate to the state characteristics, in particular their coherence and long-range correlation among spins. Our experimental and theoretical study shows that the spin chains undergo a rich dynamics, with a slower decay rate than for the 3D case, and thus might be more amenable to decoupling techniques.
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