Thursday, June 13, 2013

1306.2784 (A. Lisunov et al.)

The Plastic Flow of Solid 4He through a Porous Membrane    [PDF]

A. Lisunov, V. Maidanov, N. Neoneta, V. Rubanskyi, S. Rubets, E. Rudavskii, V. Zhuchkov
The flow velocity of solid 4He through a porous membrane frozen into a crystal has been measured in the temperature interval 0.1 - 1.8 K. A flat capacitor consisting of a metalized plastic porous membrane and a bulk electrode is applied and the gap in the capacitor was filled with examined helium. The flow of helium through the membrane pores is caused by a d.c. voltage applied to the capacitor plates. Above T~1K the velocity of solid 4He flow decreases with lowering temperature following the Arrhenius law with the activation energy of the process closed to that of vacancies. At low temperatures the velocity is practically independent of temperature, which suggests a transition in 4He from the classical thermally activated vacancy-related flow to the quantum plastic flow.
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