Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6667 (Patrizia Monachesi et al.)

Electronic structure and magnetic properties of Mn, Co, and
Ni-substitution of Fe in Fe4N

Patrizia Monachesi, Torbjörn Björkman, Thomas Gasche, Olle Eriksson
The magnetic properties of Mn, Co and Ni substituted Fe4N are calculated from first principles theory. It is found that the generalized gradient approximation reproduces with good accuracy the magnetic moment and equilibrium volume for the parent Fe4N structure, with the atomic moment largest for the Fe atom furthest away from the N atom (Fe I site), approaching a value of 3 muB/atom, whereas the Fe atom closer to the N atom (Fe II site) has a moment closer to that of bcc Fe. Substitution of Fe for Mn, Co or Ni, shows an intricate behavior in which the Mn substitution clearly favors the Fe II site, Ni favors substitution on the Fe I site and Co shows no strong preference for either lattice site. Ni and Co substitution results in a ferromagnetic coupling to the Fe atoms, whereas Mn couples antiferromagnetically on the Fe II site and ferromagnetically on the Fe I site. For all types of doping, the total magnetic moment is enhanced compared with Fe4N only in the energetically very unfavorable case of Mn doping at the Fe I site.
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