Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1109.4526 (Martin Spenke et al.)

The classical $J_1$-$J_2$ Heisenberg model on the Kagome lattice    [PDF]

Martin Spenke, Siegfried Guertler
Motivated by earlier simulated annealing studies and materials with large spin on the Kagome lattice, we performed large scale parallel tempering simulations on the Kagome lattice for the extended classical Heisenberg model including next nearest neighbor interactions. We find that even a small inclusion of a $J_2$ term induces anti-ferromagnetic order which prevails in the thermodynamic limit. The magnitude of this effect is surprising. While at $J_2=0$ the finite-size behaviour does not suggest a phase-transition, at other points the numerical result is consistent with one. Close to $J_2=0$ and for a positive sign of $J_2$ two subsequent phase-transitions/crossovers are found, one of them connecting to the crossover for the $J_2=0$ case, shedding light to the pure case. The universality classes of the transitions were explored.
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