Thursday, August 30, 2012

1208.5983 (Bhimsen Shivamoggi)

Superfluid Turbulence: Kelvin Wave Cascade Regime    [PDF]

Bhimsen Shivamoggi
Theoretical considerations are made of superfluid turbulence in the Kelvin wave cascade regime at low temperatures (T < 1K) and length scales of the order or smaller than the intervortical distance. The energy spectrum is shown to be in accord with the Kolmogorov scaling. The vortex line decay equation is shown to have a Hamiltonian framework which brings interesting geometrical perspectives to the dynamics of vortex line decay at low temperatures. Effects of spatial intermittency (exhibited in laboratory experiments) on superfluid turbulence are incorporated via the fractal nature of the vortex lines, for length scales of the order or smaller than the intervortex distance.
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