Monday, October 15, 2012

1210.3530 (Liufei Cai et al.)

Reversal of magnetization of a single-domain magnetic particle by the ac
field of time-dependent frequency

Liufei Cai, D. A. Garanin, E. M. Chudnovsky
We report numerical and analytical studies of the reversal of the magnetic moment of a single-domain magnetic particle by a circularly polarized ac field of time-dependent frequency. For the time-linear frequency sweep, the phase diagrams are computed that illustrate the dependence of the reversal on the frequency sweep rate v, the amplitude of the ac field h, the magnetic anisotropy field d, and the damping parameter alpha. It is shown that the most efficient magnetization reversal requires a non-linear time dependence of the frequency, omega(t), for which an exact analytical formula is derived with account of damping. The necessary condition of the reversal is h > alpha d. Implementation of a small-scale magnetization reversal is proposed in which a nanomagnet is electromagnetically coupled to two weak superconducting links controlled by the voltage. Dynamics of such a system is analyzed with account of the back effect of the magnet on the superconducting links.
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