Monday, December 17, 2012

1212.3535 (Stefan Maier et al.)

Dynamical response of ultracold interacting fermion-boson mixtures:
Fermion-hole vs polaron-hole excitations

Stefan Maier, Kai Ji, Andreas Komnik
We analyze the dynamical response of a ultracold binary gas mixture in presence of strong boson-fermion couplings. Mapping the problem onto that of the optical response of a metal/semiconductor electronic degrees of freedom to electromagnetic perturbation we calculate the corresponding linear response susceptibility in the non-perturbative regimes of strong boson-fermion coupling using diagrammatic resummation technique as well as quantum Monte Carlo simulations. Depending on the interaction strength and the details of the underlying bosonic spectra we find that energy absorbtion/emission can occur due to excitation of individual fermions as well as fully dressed polarons.
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