Monday, December 17, 2012

1212.3581 (E. Noruzifar et al.)

Material Dependence of the Wire-Particle Casimir Interaction    [PDF]

E. Noruzifar, P. Rodriguez-Lopez, T. Emig, R. Zandi
We study the Casimir interaction between a metallic cylindrical wire and a metallic spherical particle by employing the scattering formalism. At large separations, we derive the asymptotic form of the interaction. In addition, we find the interaction between a metallic wire and an isotropic atom, both in the non-retarded and retarded limits. We identify the conditions under which the asymptotic Casimir interaction does not depend on the material properties of the metallic wire and the particle. Moreover, we compute the exact Casimir interaction between the particle and the wire numerically. We show that there is a complete agreement between the numerics and the asymptotic energies at large separations. For short separations, our numerical results show good agreement with the proximity force approximation.
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