Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1301.3327 (Peter I. Polyakov)

Linear laws of volume elasticity in the properties and structural phase
transitions: physical process of the parameter effect (TPH) in

Peter I. Polyakov
The present paper deals with the analysis of experimental results taking into account mechanisms brought by the bulk elastic energy transformed by the thermodynamic parameters, temperature, magnetic fields, high hydrostatic pressure (T-H-P). An effect of the external parameters is considered through the separation of critical lines and points of the cooling-heating effect in the course of analysis of linear elastic evolution of properties in sign alternating and crossing effects of elastic stress energy as well as their value for structural reorganizations at reversible volume changes (structural phase transformations of types I and II). An explanation of the direct and reverse hysteresis effect in the range of the structural phase transitions I and II is suggested and the secondary signs of changes of phase state properties in the wide range of structures are formulated. The regularities of formation of a structural phase transition at 0 K are stated with separating the position of the triple point and the change of the properties and phase states with the elements of superconducting and conducting properties.
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