Friday, February 1, 2013

1111.2200 (E. Moskvin et al.)

Complex Chiral Modulations in FeGe close to Magnetic Ordering    [PDF]

E. Moskvin, S. Grigoriev, V. Dyadkin, H. Eckerlebe, M. Baenitz, M. Schmidt, H. Wilhelm
We report on detailed polarized small-angle neutron scattering on cubic FeGe in magnetic fields applied either along (transverse) the scattering vector or parallel (longitudinal)to the neutron beam. The ($H,T$) phase diagrams for all principal axes contain a segmented $A$-phase region just below the onset of magnetic order. Hexagonal Bragg-spot patterns were observed across the entire $A$-phase region for the longitudinal geometry. Scattering intensity was observed in parts of the A phase for both scattering configurations. Only in a distinct pocket ($A_1$) vanishing scattering intensity was found in the transverse geometry.
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