Friday, February 1, 2013

1301.7667 (V. K. Aksenov et al.)

Influence by zirconium plastic deformation at temperature of 4.2 K on
zirconium crystal lattice structure and magnitude of superconducting
transition temperature Tc

V. K. Aksenov, B. G. Lazarev, O. P. Ledenyov, V. I. Sokolenko, Ya. D. Starodubov, V. P. Fursa
We have researched the effect of the zirconium deformation by the extension at the temperature of 4.2 K, with the subsequent heating up to the room temperature of 300 K, on both the zirconium crystal grating structure and the magnitude of superconducting transition temperature Tc, using the zirconium samples, synthesized by the method of the electron beam melting. In our opinion, a registered substantial increase of the critical temperature Tc (by 20%) is a result of both the superconductivity enhancement in the plastic deformation regions at the twin boundaries of the zirconium crystal grating and the effective change of the inter-electron attraction constant magnitude.
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